Here we go, yet again, setting another year of goals. I wrote a piece around this time last year about my goal setting process and it’s safe to say this year I threw that out the window. If 2021 taught me anything, it’s that no matter how planned a goal may be, you may not achieve it. So, instead of a few meticulous goals with firm metrics, this year its’ the post-it note list but typed. 

Let’s quickly recap the 2021 goals since we’re here: 

Write a Weekly Blog

Result: Epic fail

Discussion: The purpose of the goal was to write more. I did a lot of writing but none of it was for this blog. Writing publicly and putting your opinions out to the world is horrifying and requires an amount of confidence I didn’t have. I would love to say “we tried” but we really didn’t. You will see this goal semi-recycled below. 

Go to Grad School

Result: Half Fail/Half Success

Discussion: One of the blogs I did actually write was “the grad school thing as a first-generation student” where I (amongst talking about how intimidating and challenging navigating grad school as a first-gen student is) announced my acceptance into Carleton University’s Master of Public Policy and Administration with funding. You probably figured out by now that I didn’t go. So, applying -> getting accepted -> accepting my seat was a good first step. However, the program wasn’t a perfect fit by any means (and yes, I know that’s an unrealistic goal) and compounded with the opportunity to turn a dream summer internship into a full-time job, it wasn’t time. 

Tweet something controversial enough about higher ed that Alex Usher followed me on twitter

Result: Followed 

Discussion: If you know, you know. This unfortunately didn’t happen because of me being controversial, I’ve been pretty good this year. 

Eat good food

Result: Crushed it

Discussion: See photos. 

Anyways onto 2022: 

Personal (Stripped down a little because y’all don’t need to know my to-the-dollar financial goals for example):

  • Read 10 pages of a book a day, minimum 
  • Gym 5x per week 
  • 10k steps per day 
  • Stay single 
  • Go on a solo trip 
  • Learn to crochet
  • Finish all unfinished sewing projects before starting new ones 
  • Brush up on French skills
  • Build Italian vocabulary 
  • Weiner dog toy drive 
  • Cut living expenses ~ in half (or in other words, find a roommate) 
  • Put more money towards paying off student debt 

Professional (actually have a 8×11 worth but I’ll spare you the pain of things like me wanting to learn Tableau): 

  • Become an associate 
  • Lead a project
  • Write something public once/month
  • Co-author one piece 
  • Get published
  • Do more OER work 
  • Develop a stronger professional network outside of Nova Scotia
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative research skills

Food (I also have a restaurant list longer than me): 

  • Make panna cotta 
  • Make egg-based pasta 
  • Make caramel
  • Make pickled red onions 
  • Try fish and chips 
  • Try beef wellington
  • Go to a cooking class 
  • Go to a Michelin star restaurant (this one might be far-fetched but hey, it’s going in the list)
  • Make at least 1 new recipe from a cookbook/week 
  • Shop more at farmers markets and less at grocery stores 
  • Be more mindful of food sources and ethicality 
  • Only alcohol at social events on weekends (with some true exceptions of open mic, patio season) 
  • Try food from a different country every month 

Other (an ‘other’ category is always important):

  • Apply to five grad schools (including 1 Ivy League and 1 outside of North America)
  • Play 6 open mics 
  • Play (maybe buy) an electric guitar 
  • Learn to do my makeup better (including winged liner) 
  • Limit fast fashion, focus on necessary and ethical purchases 
  • Reduce social media intake 
  • Go to 5 good concerts

We’ll see how COVID/life changes, removes, or adds to these goals but hey, not a bad starting point.

Cheers to a new year, folks. Make it good.

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