Reblog: Open Pedagogy as a High-Impact Practice

Hello friends — save to say (as of May 6, 2021) this is not going to be a weekly blog and I should probably change my main page. Maybe the new goal should be one a month? I have a newfound and deep respect for those writing daily or even weekly. No easy task. Anyways,Continue reading “Reblog: Open Pedagogy as a High-Impact Practice”

Open Educational Resources (OERs) Advocacy for Students.

International Open Access Week begins in thirty minutes. In the light of COVID-19, the impact and value of open access, especially open educational resources (OERs), has been at the fore of many conversations as higher education institutions across the country have moved to online or hybrid models. The following documents are advocacy guides for studentsContinue reading “Open Educational Resources (OERs) Advocacy for Students.”